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The Photos below are all ot the photos taken


How To Purchase (Change to cost for ease of purchase )

  • Photos will cost £1 each for each  Digital Photo emailed to you directly. Please note the photos on this site are of poor Jpeg quality and the  originals  are in Tiff format and very high quality. If you require us to print individual prints they will be £3 each up to A4 in size.

  • Im sure you will agree the Photographer has done a fantastic job and all in her own time (she is not a  professional ) I did want to number them all but cant do it on the website so the best way to let us know what you want is to right click each photo you want then copy and paste it into an email to we will then send you payment details and when payment is received email you the  original  Tiff files (these may come in multiple emails due to there size)