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The Story - The Challenge

​One man who served for 24 years in The Royal Marines without suffering any life changing injuries.

About Lee

 ​One man who served for 24 years in The Royal Marines without suffering any life changing injuries. Who simply pulled over to help a motorist on the M3.

​A man who was off-duty when his life changed forever. 

​This man is a father, husband, royal marine commando, Atlantic ocean rower, guitar playing pirate and Guinness World Record holder. 

​This man is Lee 'Frank' Spencer. Also known as The Rowing Marine.  


The Challenge



1) The first physically disabled person to row across the Atlantic, East to West, from mainland Europe to mainland South America.  Non-stop and unsupported 3,500 miles, to French Guiana. 

​2) Also attempting to beat the able bodied record set by Stein Hoff in 2002 of 96 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes.





Born in Dagenham, made in The Royal Marines. Lee lives in Devon and was a serving Royal Marine for 24 years. After coming through three operational tours of Afghanistan unscathed, Lee lost his right leg after being hit by flying debris as he was helping a motorist who had crashed into the central reservation of the M3 in Surrey in 2014. Although his right leg was severed in the impact, the serviceman's training kicked in and he was able to instruct bystanders on how to tie a tourniquet and help paramedics to save his life.

Following a medically induced coma, five weeks in hospital and a long stay in rehabilitation, while recovering from his injuries Lee began planning his future. In 2014 Lee was shortlisted for the Pride of Britain award, click Here to see more.

In 2015 Lee set-off to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in just a rowing boat. The Row-to-Recovery team, a team of four injured veterans had just 3 legs between them. In February 2016, some 46 days, 6 hours and 49 minutes later the team rowed into land as the first British military all amputee team of four to row an ocean. Click Here to see more.

Following this, Lee is now preparing to become the world's first physically disabled person to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America on his own, setting off in 2018. .