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Meet The Team



Paul Hillier

Paul "Taffy" Hillier is the man behind Radio Walkham.

After moving to the beautiful village of Horrabridge in Devon in December 2016 he decided to set up a "small" community radio station.

The response was biblical and Radio Walkham now has a mix of local people who have become presenters alongside him who he believes are as good as you will hear anywhere.

you can hear "Taffy" every morning on the Breakfast show from 7am and from 8am on Sundays



"The Potty Postman"

Allan presents the Old And New progamme on a Tuesday From 5 and the hugely popular "It's on rock & roll but I like it" Saturday Mornings from 9 with guest presenter Alan Lillicrap (Crappers)

Allan is the Biggest "MUSO" on the station with his finger on the pulse of new and emerging bands as well as a wealth of musical knowledge.

He has, at times, also be known to be quite witty (apparently)



A Radio Walkham original!

Mini presents his Modern Country music show on Thursday's From 7 which is a MUST!

And when the football season starts, you will not hear a finer and more comprehensive sports programme ANYWHERE!

Live every Saturday from 2pm

(move over Jeff Spelling)



Another Radio Walkham original!

Rob is Radio Walkham's permanent part timer who pops up periodically providing a great live radio show


Sara Cruickshank (shooshank)


Sara, a barmaid of the London Inn, as well as being a part of the MONDAY CLUB programme, now has her own show on a Wednesday from 7pm.

She now hosts one of the most popular programmes on Radio Walkham and is defiantly a reason for you to turn your tv off on an a Wednesday


Dave Edwards

With many years in broadcasting, Dave Edwards has been with Radio Walkham since the beginning with his fantastic show "That Seventies Sound"

Youcan hear Dave Mon-Fri from 10am



Steve comes to Radio Walkham every morning, Monday to Friday, from the USA at 11am with the very best from Elvis Presley & The Beatles in his hugely popular programme " The Mop Top's & The King "



Joining us just after we started, mobile DJ veteran Jon Pease continues his love of music 3 times a week on Radio Walkham.

You can listen to Jon with his mix of music and quizzes Tuesday and Thursday from 9am and Sunday from 10am


Keith Coleman

 As another veteran mobile DJ who was the very first Karaoke presenter in the region, Keith " The Timelord " Coleman takes you through a journey of time and music.

When not travelling the world or spending time at his luxury Portuguese retreat you can hear Keith 3 times a week Weds & Friday from 9am and Midday on Monday's



The "Face" of the local underground music scene.

Chris play's the the very best of Hardcore Trance & House Friday's from 8pm



Jim provides Radio Walkham with a custom produced programme exclusively for Radio Walkham every Friday from 5pm.


The Canadian Shield



After sitting in with numerous presenters, Lizzie now brings us her encyclopedic knowledge of music to Radio Walkham Sunday's From 2pm 


Keith DB

 Through the wonders of technology we can now go live to Studio 3 in Wales twice a week where Keith gives us Dance floor smashers Wednesday's from 9pm and then Soul Sunday every Sunday from 9


And let's not forget OB1

Our outside broadcasting unit.

This £180 Caravan that was transformed with a bit of hard work and the fantastic graphics from

OB1 now gets towed around the south west of the UK broadcasting Live from events 


Nigel Waymark

 Hello I’m Nigel Waymark  When it comes to age it’s only a number though I will say I am old enough to remember those great Jazz Funk Records coming out back in the 70’s and 80’s!.  I have worked in the radio industry for most of my adult life as well as running my own mobile disco for 30 years, I decided last year to take early retirement and concentrate on my radio career.  I’m really pleased to say it is taking off as I now can be heard on radio stations across London & Essex on FM, however Soul is my real passion and some of the music coming out today is in my opinion better then the tunes of yesteryear!  I spend most of the week either searching around for artists who are about to release new material, however I am very lucky to have made some good friends with some of the artists who send me their latest releases.  All the material I play is commercially available for download as I think there is nothing worse then hearing a track that won’t be released for 2 or 3 weeks! I also add in a few “choice oldies” from the years gone by.  So I hope you will join me every Saturday from midday for two hours of the latest releases for “Nigel Waymark’s New Choons” right here on Radio Walkham. 

Dave Clarke

A  two hour show featuring music and artists from Movies TV and video games. Fridays from 3 and Sundays from 4pm